Planning your Psychology extended essay – choosing your topic

Although this blog is often written just as much for teachers as for students, this time the focus is on you, the student. Your extended essay in Psychology is 4,000 words of your own. You choose the topic; you do the reading; you design an appropriate question; you write the essay; you explain the whole process in three meetings with your supervisor.

  1. Choosing your topic.  Think about what interests you. Make sure it is within psychology (and not sociology or anthropology, for example). Then find one or two peer-reviewed journal articles about the topic, and read the abstracts, introductions and discussions. Is there an argument that can be made regarding to what extent X factor affects Y behaviour? Do you understand at least most of what you have read? If the answer is ‘No’ give yourself a few more days to read. Then, if it is still ‘No’ choose another topic.  This is really important. If you can’t make an argument for something then you can’t use it for your extended essay.

EE topic choice

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