Welcome to Psychology Sorted – the blog run by Laura and Claire that will help teachers, students and all who want to learn more about psychology.  While aimed predominantly at those who are studying IB Diploma Psychology, the materials and ideas are useful for everyone interested in this fascinating subject.  And we will be featuring snippets from our books ‘Psychology Sorted: key research to support students and teachers’ that are both available on Amazon at here for Book 1 and here for Book 2

Great News! From July 1st both of the Psychology Sorted books are now available on Kindle, with a special price of £9.99 per copy. At last Amazon has solved the problems with the live links, and every Kindle book now carries full links to all the extra reading, TED talks and videos recommended to make teaching and learning easier. Many thanks to those who are writing us excellent reviews. We hope for more with this very special offer 

Finally – our Youtube Channel is live. With new videos added weekly. Drop in here for guidance on the Extended Essay or IA, or for lesson starters. Much more to come!

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