Biographies of the bloggers

Welcome to the bloggers

Claire and Laura wrote Psychology Sorted: key research to support students and teachers. This blog features excerpts from the book and from our Youtube channel

Laura Swash has been teaching IB Diploma Psychology for nearly twenty years.  She is an author of online and printed educational materials and co-author of teacher and student books on Approaches to Learning and Psychology.   Her most recent book was published last December and is a personal memoir of her life with her late brother, who had addiction problems. Holding my Breath is available online or as a paperback.  All proceeds go to the Colchester Open Road recovery support centre. She is currently writing an IB Diploma Psychology textbook using female-led research only, to allow the 70% of Psychology students worldwide who are female to see themselves reflected in the subject they love.

She has in the past been a teacher, a coordinator, and secondary head of two different international schools, but now works as an IB Diploma online teacher,  examiner and materials writer. She loves scuba diving, riding, walking, gardening, films and reading, and is currently teaching herself the keyboard.  Laura works from her home on the small Portuguese island of Porto Santo, sister island to Madeira.

Claire Neeson has been a teacher for longer than she cares to think about! She started off teaching English as a foreign language in Japan then moved on to teaching English and Drama in British schools before finally realising that her true passion was people and why they do the things they do: hence her conversion to the ‘dark side’ of Psychology teaching. Claire currently teaches IB Psychology at a school in Cambridge, UK, as well as writing online materials for IB Psychology and presenting at workshops.  When she’s not slaving away in the classroom or at her laptop Claire loves ice skating, roller skating, travelling and eating Japanese food (her DNA is now 1% sushi).