Why did I write ‘Holding my Breath’?

The Open Road charity are putting together a press release for ‘Holding my Breath’ and I was asked to contribute by telling why I wrote the book. It took me a long while to put a few lines together. I realised I could feel why I wrote it, but actually telling people why was much more difficult.

In the end I went and read letters people had sent me and the reviews of the book, and realised that the main reason was to have something good come out of Colin’s too-early death. Everyone knows someone who is struggling. Not many books like this have been written. Books about addiction published by recovered addicts fill the shelves, but this is not a success story about recovery.

It will raise money for Open Road, who never gave up on my brother, and give support to others looking after their loved ones, or standing helplessly by. Now it is finished, I can let out the painful breath I have been holding for so many years while fearing the worst. For once the worst has happened what more have we to fear?

The more books we sell, the more people we help.

To buy a copy and support Open Road, just click on the cover.

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