Study under lockdown, the Sociocultural Approach: Enculturation

Here is my narrated ppt on Enculturation – please ignore any references to my own work situation as this was written specifically for my students. The Basu et al. (2017) study I use is featured in Psychology Sorted Book 2, The Options (Development option). Hope you find it useful.

Here is the link:

Study under lockdown – how to write the Evaluation section of the IA

Here is the final unit of four, giving advice as to what to include in the Evaluation section and how to avoid mistakes. Enjoy!

Cultural Dimensions – study at home with this helpful, narrated ppt!

This unit of work covers the topic of what culture is, Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, a guide as to how to navigate Hofstede’s page and a focus on the Individualistic/Collectivist dimension. There are lots of videos, tasks and input from students required.

Here is the link to the video: