News on our new book

0. Book front cover image for blogThe new book is now ‘new books’!  We decided to separate out the studies for the core biological, cognitive and sociocultural approaches, and publish these as a separate book, in order for timely publication. We are working like crazy and will post in January when this book has been published.  Meanwhile, here is another sample to whet your appetite, this time from the cognitive approach.

Cognitive Approach overview sample

Cognitive Approach key study sample


Coming soon – ‘Psychology Sorted’, the book!

Hi Psychology teachers from all over the world! Yes, I know that summer is beckoning but wouldn’t you like a sneaky peak at a BRAND NEW RESOURCE that is due to be out around October 1st? Written by Laura Swash and Claire Neeson, this resource will solve all those pesky teaching dilemmas such as: ‘Which studies should I use for each topic and how can I re-use them to create less bulk for the students to learn?  How can I find a streamlined, easy, cross-referenced resource that’s user-friendly (for me and my students)?  What can I use for both teaching AND revision?’ Here is a sample for you to taste, to get the ‘flavour’ of what we’re doing. Add us to your school shopping list: #1 Order ‘Psychology Sorted’ next term.  Sorted!

Sample_Section 1_Bio. updated

Bio KS1 Fisher et al_2005